When it comes to helping your children take care of their teeth, it’s really never too early to start. You can begin on your own by taking the initiative and brushing your baby’s first teeth regularly so that they get used to the idea that, it’s every single day, at least twice, no exceptions. That habit alone will help your child have better teeth than otherwise.

As soon as there are several teeth, flossing regularly is also another great habit. After that, it’s important to find a good pediatric Jacksonville dentist and make an appointment. Here are some tips on how to choose one, and about the right age to make your first appointment.

The Qualities To Look For In A Pediatric Dentist

Not every doctor is well suited at treating children and neither is every dentist. It takes a certain personality, a lot of patience, and a big heart to treat children in dentistry.

Some children won’t open their mouth, cry the whole time, or even refuse to get into the chair.

Pediatric dentistry can be very difficult at times.

However, a dentist that has chosen to work in the pediatric field has taken the regular long years of dental school and then an additional year or so of special courses to treat children’s teeth and recognize any diseases, abnormalities, or other problems that are unique to children.

In addition to that, they are trained in dozens of ways to keep children calm, pain-free, entertained and coming back for more appointments.

You’ll also note that many of the dental tools that they use are made smaller to fit a child’s mouth.

They have more pain-free options to keep from causing undue stress and discomfort.

They’ll usually have their offices, waiting rooms, and even bathrooms designed with children in mind. This helps keep children at least interested in coming back again.

Exactly When Should You Consider Making Your Child’s First Appointment

Of course, the first appointment should probably be just an introduction to the dentist’s office, waiting room, a quick exam to see that there are no foreseeable problems, and a toy or sucker for the child.

Most dentistry today is highly focused on preventative maintenance, stopping problems before they arise. For that effort, exams, cleaning, instructions on brushing and flossing at home are the key points at first.

The best advice on when to see the dentist for the first time for a child is within 6 months of the time their first tooth comes in.

However, if their teeth seem to be late-breaking through, anytime after the age of 1 year is a good first exam. It won’t be a long drawn out affair, just a quick look, lots of education, and some advice for the parents in maintaining their daily routines of brushing and flossing.

At that time, the pediatric dentist will give the best advice on when the next appointment would be appropriate and that’s going to be an important visit.

What Are Some Of The Ways Pediatric Dentists Stop Cavities?

Dentists today have begun to understand how important baby teeth are to keeping adult teeth cavity-free.

Children that have lots of cavities in their baby teeth tend to have lots of them in their adult teeth as well. Some of that is due to poor dental hygiene, and some of it has to do with their tooth enamel, but going to the dentist can help.

There are now sealants that can be applied to teeth that keep them protected from cavities. These sealants are very tough and will quickly make a firm bond with the chewing surface of the tooth. They are especially effective on the molars in the back where they do a good job of preventing cavities in the grooves and depressions of the teeth.

Sealants can be applied as soon as the first adult molars emerge and reapplied through the more cavity-prone years up to about age 18

If you’re just now thinking about taking your child to a dentist, that’s a good sign. You can call a pediatric dentist and talk to one of their staff to get any detailed information you need. They are often very helpful in any possible manner that they can be.

If you want to stop by without your child just to check out their office and talk to a dentist, they’ll understand and schedule you some time to make you feel comfortable on your visit.

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